Wednesday, March 23, 2011

At last! a pacemaker with an iPod!

This has been sent down the pike from various coworkers (and Gott, wie dunkel ist es hier), labeled as the "Best Commercial Ever".  And no, it isn't the topless Danish parachute ladies loving the smell of napalm in the morning, that's sooooo yesterday:

I'm full of Handel, too, of course, but it's really more along the lines of


or, hey!

or this ostensibly three hour tour

 (which, as a performance, I have mixed feelings about, but there it is, in ten minute incremental youtubian splendor).

Do you sense a counter-sermon in the offing?  No, no, of course not.  We would never be so pathetically geeky as to imagine that our insistence on Handel's having written, you know, a whole lot of other and way cooler stuff would be of the least interest to those who place the Magic Stethoscope against their hearts and hear...what? 


  1. Brother in Handel, sister in Baroque (what is your gender persuasion anyway, Il Gatto Stray?): carosaxone recently put the entire recent Palais Garnier Emmanuelle Haim Giulio Cesare in HD on YT: Counter-tenor as Cesare, alas, but a girl can't have an all-mezzo cast all the time.

  2. Ha, thanks for the link! Note to self and lurkers, under no circumstances go to carosaxone's youtube page half an hour before work. It will make you wicked late.

    A counter for Tolomeo, too, but do they ever cast a mezzo for that role?

    la gatta, uh, umherziehend. Yeah, so much for my Italian.

  3. Tolomeo? Hmm, not sure.

    But for the precedent-setting mezzo Cesare, see Sarah Connolly, Glyndebourne, McVicar, Christie:

    When I say 'mezzo', I mean 'mezzo and alto', naturalmente.

  4. La gatta perduta? "Sola, perduta, abbandonata, in questo popoloso deserto che apellanno Nueva York?"

    Oh I am talking gibberish. I am just so happy that you are a gatta. I used be sure you were un gatto.

  5. La gatta vagabonda, in questo deserto che appellano cyberspace...

  6. Christophe Dumaux is an another promising young counter tenor. I hope to hear him live soon.

  7. Hi lotus, I hope you get to hear him, too. I saw him in Agrippina in 2004 -- he was awesome, his "Voi che udite" was brilliant.