Sunday, March 27, 2011

cache of 'casts

Selected interviews from the last three months, auf Deutsch, from NDR Kultur's Klassik à la carte:

Waltraud Meier 

Reinhard Goebel 
Note to those who (like me, of late) are of dodgy proficiency:  he talks really fast, so choose this one if you need to bang the rust off your comprehension.

Dominique Meyer

Annette Dasch

No guarantees as to content as I haven't listened to them all yet. That's what work is for.


  1. Any highlights from Meier?

  2. I was interrupted mid-listen today but the highlight so far is her conversion to Wagner at the (then infamous, now legendary) '76 Bayreuth Ring.

  3. I wonder what her repertoire was before Chereau.

  4. Debut in Cavalleria rusticana in the same year? If I'm understanding her story correctly (and it's a bit thumbnail), she was not onstage for the Ring but in the audience, which must have been, uh, interesting.

  5. Ah, right, that's more likely. She would have been 20-something then.