Saturday, April 16, 2011

Grrrls with bylines

From the Guardian, rather an excellent thumbnail history of women war correspondents here, including Martha Gellhorn, who, yeah, Ernest Hemingway, blah blah woof woof.  So while he was writing his never-to-be-remaindered Great White Hunter Goes to Spain, Shoots Fascists epic, the point of which seems to be that real men are in fact islands, she was writing about a) being a woman journalist in a war zone, and all that entails, b) being a journalist with the (then) privilege of an American passport in a war zone, and all that entails, and c) the people who, not having that privilege, are trapped there, and all that entails. Sorry, but high-tone epigraphs aside, the John Donne Prize for Demonstrating the Interconnectedness of All Humanity and Also That Fascism Is Not Just an Ersatz Wildebeest goes to A Stricken Field.  Which novel is out of print again, in the typical way of things. But this time only until August. (thx UCP)

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