Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Since we come later to these things than everybody else, and since everything there is to say about the singing/conducting has no doubt been thoroughly ruminated, here are the remaining key points, via the Encore @ OperaMall Millionplex:

Playing next door: Thor in 3D IMAX

Requisite plot add-on to account for sound-bleed from same:  "I remember every detail, the Germans wore grey, you wore blue."

Best bit of haberdashery onstage: Peter Rose's tie

Best nail color: Sarah Connolly

Best injection-molded hairstyle: Barry Banks

Best bit of furniture: that sofa, so 20's, and yet so 70's.

Best bit of serendipitous irony: La Roche's jeremiad on the sorry state of Drama amid subterranean rumblings from Ken Branagh's Marvel Comics franchise debut.


  1. i've had that happen. now i go to a theater where the opera is not sharing any walls with anyone else. too bad, it would've been fun to know Walkure would be drowning out whatever crap was playing next door...

  2. It'll be quite the contest Saturday afternoon. My money is on the Valkyries.

  3. OK, I sprayed my tea over my keyboard upon reading the injection-molded hairstyle, followed by the 20s sofas looking very 70s.

  4. I feel kind of bad, because then I got all these hits searching Sarah Connolly, and I'm pretty sure they weren't wondering about her nail color. So for the record, she sang beautifully. And she was funny.