Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Guardian goes to Glyndebourne

and invites its liberal lefty come-as-you-are readership along, as if you needed a reason for a Meistersinger-themed kegger at the end of June.

And while we're in the neighborhood, another review of the present Villazon/Werther is here,

and don your tin helmets, it's Klinghoffer time again.  (And though I tend to loathe the idea of opera in translation,  ENO does stand to be the Epicenter of Happening next season, because, look! new stuff! on an opera stage!!, but also what will Fiona Shaw do with Figaro, and whatever it is, can she bring it over here, please?)

Meanwhile, Terry Gilliam discusses his Damnation of Faust, also chez ENO

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