Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday print roundup

Jessica Duchen advocates here for upping the artistic ante on opera cinecasts.  [Note to people who have never been to the Met: though you can certainly pay that much if you try hard, three hundred bucks is not remotely the average for a seat -- this is why there are so damn many of them -- and if you prefer sound over vision (or you have better than average eyesight), expect to pay less than they apparently pay for an HDcast in the UK (which, ₤30? Yikes!).  Sorry but this kind of inaccuracy bugs me out, because this is the way it all gets tagged as "elitist" by so-called populist goons bent on giving public arts funding the axe, which ultimately will mean an average of $300 seats. Let's not lend the bastids ammunition just for the sake of rhetorical flourish, please.]

The Guardian likes opera rookie Terry Gilliam's production of  Damnation of Faust. (Can the world premiere of The Torturer's Apprentice be far behind? We can only hope.)

Vainement? Maybe not.  Intermezzo and The Independent weigh in on the Resurrection of Villazon in last night's Werther @ ROH, suggesting there is cause for extremely cautious optimism.

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