Tuesday, May 3, 2011

not the TLS

No further comment necessary for this, except that the Ministry of Too Many Damn Books Around This Place questions the ranking of Casaubon vis a vis Frankenstein's Monster, but also admits that that is neither here nor there.

(And, as always with The Awl, don't forget to read the comments, where the debate is in session.)


  1. i don't just love heathcliff, i AM heathcliff. hmmmmm odd list. i would take ryder before flyte any day

  2. Can one be Heathcliff and also love Heathcliff? Forgive me, but that seems a quandary.

    Yes, a very odd list. All that Dickens. I hope they grant equal time and come up with a girls list. Will Orlando be on both? Lady Dedlock needs rescuing.

  3. That is, perhaps, weirder than Casaubon. Uriah Heep question mark mark mark

    And what's with the dwarves?

  4. By the way, this is the editor who worked with me on my Otter piece. She is wonderful (you'll rarely hear me say this of an editor) but I had no idea she had these kink-literary tendencies. Nice, and odd.