Sunday, May 29, 2011

sundry ambivalences

This being Memorial Day Weekend in the greater Americanistanian landmass that surrounds our tiny banana republic, we remember on this weekend the Glorious Dead of all our international and internecine dust-ups.  We would like to think that, under the present Administration, Milton's phrase "In vain doth valor bleed" has no bearing, but let's be real. 

To the less literal-minded, it's also the start of summer, when things are in a lull and waiting to begin.  Soon we'll be seeking out cheap thrills on the BEMF Fringe -- indeed we are recalling our Special Envoy to the Court of King Festus for this very purpose, although she will be sadly sans gamba due to what she describes as sharply increased airline hassles. (She was offered once a "Death to All Fanatics" bumper sticker to put on her hurdy gurdy case, which she politely declined, suggesting that the TSA people might find it upsetting. Not as upsetting as the actual contents of the case, I bet, which they would no doubt be removing with the aid of a robot and attempting to explode on the tarmac.  As indeed who would not?)

So, cheap thrills.  After that it's all improv till Atys.

and, of course, the present stack

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