Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Aston Magna at Bard and elsewhere

Arrived in the post today, the Aston Magna at Bard schedule...which, hey, starts next week.  Four programs encompassing some Bachs, Mozart + Hummel, a Court of Henry VIII thing, and The Italian Madrigal and its Legacy, which looks like fun plus there's a theorbo involved, which is always a win for me. And Olin Hall is a nice venue, if desperate for a new color scheme, and even though I wouldn't have named a Humanities building after that guy, but whatever...

Aston Magna is a floating festival, though, and the full schedule and its other venues can be found on its website, where you can buy tickets to the other venues but not to the dates @ Bard (for these buzz 845-758-7887).

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