Tuesday, July 5, 2011

at the intersection of Ives & Cage

Something strange has happened to the ice cream trucks -- no longer are we subject to endless repetition of the same semi-identifiable plinky versions of Camptown Races, Pop Goes the Weasel, and The Maiden's Prayer (which took me half a year to identify, and only via its ironic use in Mahagonny, and which in this jaunty plinky pitch-approximate context always sounded like a soldiers' chorus from some mercifully lesser-known Gounod opera).  Now the trucks are playing digitized plinky medleys.  And there are new tunes.  Can that have been The Yellow Rose of Texas I just heard demonstrating the compositional possibilities of the Doppler Effect?

The bagpipe band which practices on summer evenings a few blocks away also has new tunes this year -- I haven't heard The Rowan Tree once so far, which has always been the strongest of their three or so tunes -- so between them and the ice cream people, we can look forward to a whole new aural experience in the 'hood.


  1. this just made me totally laugh out loud...

  2. I spoke too soon, they are on their third run through of The Rowan Tree this evening. Good thing I really like this tune.

    Only eight weeks to the Scottish Games!