Saturday, July 16, 2011

A/X-Fest, BoneFest, HellFest

After today's Traviata @ Aix vs Così @ Lyon videocast smackdown, ARTE Live Web's back in business again tomorrow with this and this.  So is this like Festival Deathmatch?  Like Aix won this round, they go head to head against Beaune tomorrow, and the winner goes on to face Apocalyptica @ Hellfest?  My money's on the Hallenberg show, cuz Les Talens Lyriques is \m/  \m/, totally.

Update: Like I said.


  1. I bookmarked AH, but I may be roaming, dipping toes, et cetera.

    By the way, I'm cat-sitting these days. What strange creatures cats are.

  2. I think they archive stuff for a good while, though, so decent weather things should take priority.

    Re cats, yes, they are strange. A few years ago I invented an experiment: when I meet new cats, I say the words "Area 51" to them, just to see what they do. It has been most instructive.

  3. Getouttahere! Well, it's too late for Mimi here. What a slut for human hand this cat is! How emotionally needy! I thought cats were more independent -- but probably only when they want to be. As Don Jose said... cats, women, call them, they won't come, ignore them, they come, etc. Poor Don Jose. He was sooo out of his depths.

    Great rehearsal video. I have yet to finish the Arte AH, but there's still time. It lasted something like 3 hours! They ask for the fourth encore. Nuts.