Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ebooks for espooks

You may have noticed a link down on the right to Project Gutenberg's Top 25 Downloads. Last week we had Agatha Christie's The Mysterious Affair at Styles in at number 21, bumping Leaves of Grass down to 22. But now -- surprise -- the CIA has intervened and, in a coup no doubt funded by the major corporate multinationals we all know and worship, seized the 21 spot and set up The 2010 CIA World Factbook in a puppet dictatorship to divide and conquer the vast communist conspiracy that is out-of-copyright free ebook creation. Well, try as you might, Capitalist Tools, Jane Eyre stands at #20 as a bulwark against your counter-revolutionary anodyne factoids. "¡Reader, no pasarán!"

Anyway I was wondering who of my esteemed proof-reading colleagues got to proof that volume, but of course it wouldn't have been posted through regular channels, would it? That wouldn't be very spookish. Also it would take, like, five years. And anyway, what is the mark-up for "Redacted"? <r></r>? <blk></blk>? <We could let you read this but then we'd have to kill you></We could let you read this but then we'd have to kill you>?  Hahahahaha but of course I jest, it should be really called The Central Intelligence Agency's Fun Facts for Boys and Girls, as there's no actual fun stuff unless you like population stats for American Samoa. A lot.

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