Saturday, July 2, 2011

Es war einmal...

As the Humanities are further marginalized in our increasingly market-driven semblance of a culture, and as defenses of what remains continue to be anæmic and dismissable by the Powers That Be, it's heartening to have occasional things like this published where people not in the choir can see them. 

Then there's this, which I find fantastically intriguing after having tangled for six months with the Medical Industrial Complex and its inability to understand that the practice of medicine is fundamentally narrative-driven. Needs no ghost come from the grave to tell us this.  Or, in the common parlance, Duh.

And just look at all the George Eliot on that reading list. What, you mean women actually wrote about domestic violence and substance abuse before 1970? There's a shock. Next week: joblessness, poverty and heroin addiction with Mrs. Gaskell.

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