Sunday, September 25, 2011

daze of yore

A. O. Scott writes in the NYT about the cultural legacy of Margaret Thatcher.  (Will history prove that, in tandem with Ronald Reagan, she created a bubble in the music industry the Post-Thatcherite world could never sustain, and thus contributed to the downfall of major label domination?)  A biopic is due in December, directed by Phyllida Lloyd, who brought us the most recent stage iteration (in the anglophone joint) of Schiller's Maria Stuart.

"Police hunting the individuals who have threatened to kill Mrs. Thatcher say that their investigations are making good progress, and that 47,000,000 people are helping them with their inquiries." - Not the Nine O'Clock News


  1. Interesting piece on the cultural consequences of Thatcherism, that one.

    Did you actually see Lloyd's Maria Stuart?

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Janet McTeer made me gay. Back in 1991. As Vita Sackville-West. True story.

  3. lol I suspect you are not the only one.