Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sunday agenda

We have been studiously avoiding looking at any of this until tomorrow. Except for the overture, which shreds here way more than the 1987 version. No doubt the string players will have all hit the Big Four show in between rehearsals. \m/


  1. !!!!!!!!!!

    Well... I just spent hours on YT, and did I need this? No. Yes.

    Speaking of Lully, I watched recently on DVD Thesee with Tafelmusik/Niquet from a few years back... I was ready to dislike the production and the music, but no such thing came to be.


  3. @DtO, so is that officially a recommendation? (And are they the ones doing that upcoming Armide?)

    @Snood, I think that's spelled RAAAAAAAWWWWWWWCK!!!!!1!!

    and indeed it did.

  4. That is the same opera company, yes, and possibly some of the same cast will return (company called Opera Atelier--I think they're going to Glimmerglass with their Armide).

    It's worth seeing and all... but I kept thinking this is so great *within its own category*. I so much prefer Rameau and Charpentier. Then again, I've only ever seen and read about pseudo-traditionalist, ceremonious Lully stagings; didn't see the regie Armide with Stephanie D'Oustrac which I hear is good. So the jury's out.

    (If you ever get that DVD, there's one recurring irritating thing about the singing... I wonder if you'll notice it without my telling you what it is.)

  5. Oh right, G'glass: Armide, Lost in the Stars, Aida and The Music Man. I'm not sure whether this line-up indicates genius or head injury on the part of the programming committee.

    I tend to think there's something about Lully that lends itself to the pseudo traditionalist, or at least the hyper-HIP. But then I've never seen a regie attempt either, so clearly some DVD adventurism is in order.