Tuesday, October 25, 2011

again with the snoods

I like Angela Meade.  With her I can tell what the notes are supposed to be because they're pretty much, y'know, there, where Donizetti put them. And Stephen Costello has indeed figured out the pacing thing. So yay.

Now if only SiriusXM would fix their webstream so critically large segments didn't sound like they were being broadcast over one of those WWII field radios live from the Moon.

Update: And if they really are going to be broadcasting the Jonas Kaufmann recital on Sunday, I don't suppose they could choose this week to finally fix the problem?


  1. Where is the linkery for Jonas's perf on Sunday? One just goes to Sirius website?

  2. Yeah, it's a subscription service, but it looks like in Canada you can sign up for a 7 day free trial for their internet radio service. The link for the main page is


    and for the trial sign-up:


    Met Opera Radio is Channel 74. Stream is via Windows Media Player, so Mac users may have to muck around with Flip-4-Mac.

  3. Great, thanks for this!

  4. You're most welcome, hope it works better there than it does here.