Wednesday, November 2, 2011

can't win for losing

So, since it was Take a History-Loving Opera Newbie to OperaMall Night, we did.  I hate to tell you this, O Camera-Ready Opera Stars and the Marketing Departments That Love Them, but History Buff thought everybody on stage looked fat.  Even Keith Miller's abs and Tamara Mumford's wafer-thinness did not escape calumny.  So my advice to the opera world is keep doing the elliptical, yes, it's good for you. But don't kill your voice for the sake of the camera, because people will see what they are expecting to see no matter what you do.  Moreover, O Marketing Departments, a sylph and a sixpack aren't likely to sell the product if Donizetti himself can't. Unless we're talking a literal sixpack. And then it would probably need to be more than one.  (And for the record, I have seen this strategy work for dorm parties and Scandinavian folk music workshops.)

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