Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Department of Linkery

Live streaming on Boxing Day, Hansel & Gretel (I almost wrote Handel & Gretel, now there's a mashup idea), another Guardian/Glyndebourne collaboration, details here.  While you wait, they offer a Mozart Requiem -- not wicked Christmas-y, but it is the Guardian. (Oh but wait, they've commissioned downloadable wrapping paper!)

Plus some things we missed (or possibly just forgot):  from WGBH, Boston Baroque's Les Indes Galantes recorded last May, and some Boston Camerata (both audio only);  and Daniel Catán's Il Postino, from LA Opera, is up at the Great Performances website.


  1. Tenor as the Witch?

    Ahem. I won't say anything.

  2. ...and, I hope, not the Global Trend of Diminishing Roles for Mezzos...

  3. From a business standpoint, a valid point. From a symbolic standpoint, more tenors should be evil and come to bad ends, and more mezzos should get the girl.

  4. Thanks for that. A grrl needs positive spin every now and again.