Friday, February 10, 2012

sundry items

late addition: "After two hearings I still couldn’t fathom whether it was a comedy or a tragedy." The answer is Yes. Sameer Rahim, Opera Novice, scales Mt. Rosenkavalier.

and NYC Arts has an interview with Angela Gheorghiu, wherein she says pretty much the usual Angela Gheorghiu things (starting about 9 minutes in):

Watch NYC-ARTS Full Episode: Angela Gheorghiu, Spanish Dress on PBS. See more from NYC-ARTS.


"I do not think that the function of the visual world...necessarily needs to mimic or copy or even add to the narrative surface of the opera." From back in October, John Conklin talks about "the performative power of design".

Countdown to Klinghoffer: In anticipation of the ENO premiere, Jessica Duchen rounds up the controversy, and librettist Alice Goodman discusses the aftermath.

Money and ideas: The FT has the numbers on the business of converting novels to film.

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