Tuesday, March 6, 2012

from the fronts

Sameer Rahim, Opera Novice, reports on his encounters with Norma and The Death of Klinghoffer, over at The Telegraph (which likes Anais Mitchell's new album, btw).  He's setting an impressive pace, I think I got through only five operas in the first year of my apprenticeship, but the first of them was Otello, and that took a lot of listening.

And speaking of which, La Cieca posts news that medici.tv will be webcasting Bartoli's Rossini's Otello, details over yonder, including evidence that Zachary Woolfe actually liked something. Lotus-Eater's review (auf Deutsch) is here.

Penultimately, Maury D'Annato's bulletin from the house on Latonia Moore's Met debut is, as always, worth the read.

Lastly, NDR has an interview with Christine Schäfer (also auf Deutsch).

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