Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday agendas

Tomorrow (or rather, later today), if you're not brushing up your knowledge of Operas that Take Place in Scotland* for your appearance on Jeopardy, Bayerische Staatsoper's live videocast queering up** of Eugene Onegin starts at 2pm ET.

*The Met's Macbeth, on the usual Met internet venues; La donna del lago over on OE1.

**the English site has it as "prisoner of his own homosexuality", while the German site says "Gefangenen seiner unterdrückten Homosexualität". So if we want to know whether it's the homosexuality or the repression he's a prisoner of, I guess we'll just have to tune in.

In other news, the Thirdfloorian Library's Department of Operatic Acquisitions notes that Arkiv is doing a bit of spring cleaning, and has some nice deals going on here.


  1. La Clemenza di JEG is $19.99!

    Off to run the errands really quickly so I can see how somebody can be "imprisoned in homosexuality". I expect we'll see Lenskij & Onegin as a couple of some sort.

    Can't remember if BStaats transmissions offer English subtitles...

  2. Yeah, that JEG is one I don't have and probably should acquire before it goes away, huh?

  3. Whoa! I did not know about that sale they are having. But temptation is too much to resist . . . Handel's Radamisto (with DiDonato) is now mine.

  4. that oe1 broadcast is still available for re-listening for 4 more days.
    on that sale list, didn't know Bartoli sang Sesto! also if that Fidelio goes on 50% sale i'll scoop it up, the one w/ Stemme and Kaufmann and Abbado and Lucerne from 2011... (-td)

  5. Ah, excellent, since that Donna del Lago is JDD/JDF, and I missed it Saturday. Thanks!

    I do have that Clemenza di Bartoli, it's good, and it also has Uwe Heilmann, who gets all the notes (but don't listen on headphones if you don't want to hear the splices, lol).