Saturday, July 21, 2012


This week's PBS video about Joyce DiDonato and the Kansas City Symphony's concert last Spring at the new Kauffman Center. It's perplexing in terms of focus, meaning there's concert footage but expect them to be chatty through parts of the music and not say anything hugely revelatory. In the end it's a bit puffy, but it seems intended to be an argument for concert hall and symphony orchestra (and the music ed programs that make them possible) as a source of civic pride and urban revitalization, and thus a worthwhile expenditure of taxpayer cash. No argument from this quarter. (btw, works better in Chrome than Firefox.)


  1. I enjoyed it tho wish they had not chatted through the music, sort of seems to miss the point, no? That said, the Heggie/Prejean work left me sobbing,

  2. Precisely. It would have made a nice companion piece to the actual concert, but oh well. Concert footage that's there is pretty terrific.