Saturday, April 26, 2014

sundry items

So the final free audio-only webcast from the Met is I Puritani this Tuesday, April 29 at 7:30 ET here. That's Peretyatko, Brownlee, Kwiecien, Pertusi.

Arte has this series about Juilliard starting tomorrow. The excerpts they've posted are US-accessible, so maybe the rest of it will be as well, who knows.

BBC 3 Composer of the Week was Handel in London all week long, so you know that means lots of opera bits. These episodes tap out soon on iPlayer, so jump in quick if you wish to begin at the beginning.

Back in February Sting tried out material from The Last Ship, his theater piece about the (demise of the) shipbuilding industry in the north of England, at the Public Theater in NYC, and PBS has posted up the video. The cranks in the Trad Office at the Noise Ministry say Haven't there been songs on that topic around since forever and didn't Louis Killen pretty much sing them all? But really this is all about Kathryn Tickell there in the wayback lending the smallpipes and fiddle action.


  1. Here I am in God's Own Piping County and I cannot access the video!!