Friday, July 4, 2014

Yes, it's that time of year again

Happy Ordnance n' Alcohol blah blah woof woof

Here's a thing you maybe didn't know about Charles Ives: "He was also outraged when the first airplanes began flying over, and whenever he heard one he would come out and shake his fist at it and shout 'Get off my property!'"*

*source: JRMS's** Redding Oral History Project, excerpted here. **which, by the way, was the place where we started collectively blowing off that whole Pledge of Allegiance thing, because, rote memorization loyalty oaths*** for children? Seriously? ***Barry Crimmins' descriptive phrase, but probably exactly the wording our 5th grade teacher**** would have used had she been called upon to elaborate. ****Miss H was awesome, and the version of the Republic she stood for is the one worth celebrating*****. *****Happy 4th.


  1. What is the correct greeting from a Brit to a Yank on such an occasion?

    1. According to Burgoyne's Etiquette, a volley of grapeshot is traditional but a two-fingered salute may be substituted if ordnance is in short supply.

    2. However, should the Brits ever decide to revisit Saratoga, the Yank suggests August, when the orchestra's in town (and Glimmerglass, Tanglewood, and the Pipers' Gathering are all on and within a reasonable commute).