Sunday, October 12, 2014


BEMF's Monteverdi Nite at Jordan Hall killed a bad week stone dead, then the Mark Padmore recital buried the corpse in an unmarked grave. But left flowers, bc, y'know, lieder.


  1. oh man, you *were* there!! how was it? (well, besides killing bad wk :-) ). i thought about it.. but ended up waking up at 9.30pm to start super serious weekend of writing, so no chance, too bad.. coz i was quite looking forward to it! -td

    1. Yeah, it sounded like you were going to be swamped, hope the writing went well :)

      The Monteverdi thing was really great. If I had any quibble it's that the guys got more airtime. But Wakim was pretty fabulous and so was Daniele Reutter-Harrah, whom I'd never heard before. Also hadn't heard countertenor Reginald Mobley before, and he was quite something.