Friday, March 25, 2016


  1. :-)
    the first of that entire cd that has been on my phone since oct 2014!

    1. I'll have to pick up this CD :) The first time I heard this piece was from that student in Ellen Hargis's master class at BEMF last year.

    2. yeah, i saw that post, but didnt want to look so obessive shoving SM's clip everywhere ;-) , it s my fav cd of hers (though i ve listened only on tube cos i cant listen to cds anymore and am saving all my $ to fly abroad)

    3. You can plaster my comments section with as many Sara Mingardo clips as you want, I'm fine with that :)

      Yes, yes, dead dinosaur media! I can actually play everything except Edison cylinders, 8-tracks, and minidisc. Oh and those wire things. Ask me why I haven't moved in a long time! :P