Saturday, May 21, 2016

sundry items

Some of you may be interested in the talking heads livestreams from the Opera America conference. Bernard Foccroulle, GM of Aix, is up next at 10:45am ET today.

BBC Radio 3 is having a little Shakespeare festival, so they've posted up a new Winter's Tale, with Danny Sapani and Eve Best, and with music by Tim van Eyken (also playing Autolycus), whom the hipster folkies among you will know from before he did the music for War Horse. It's up for another ten days or so.

Next after that is Ian McDiarmid's King Lear, which should be around for a couple of weeks yet.

WNYC's Studio 360 has a segment on the new opera JFK (and also an interview with Tilda Swinton).

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