Thursday, June 2, 2016

sundry items

It's hardly breaking news by now, but Maestro Yannick's got the Met gig. We're fine with that, although we sort of wish he'd spend a little more time making the Philadelphia's summers (and ours) more interesting. Also it will be interesting to see what happens with the Met now officially in the churn of world-wide conductor-dom. UPDATE: Alex Ross has it all in a nutshell.

Thanks to Dr T's headsup, here is the TCE Werther with JDF and JDD from a few weeks back, role debuts for both.


  1. may i hide in here and bribe you to capture 1 radio recording for me? Il Trionfo with S.Mingardo and E.Haïm (there's also Sabine Devieilhe) . On 6/Jul via francemusique (link to entire festival schedule here:
    (if you scroll down just a bit there's the schedule for "Concert du soir". and you might be interested in the Così just above w/ K.Lindsay too).

  2. and let me also put here the link of the video streaming of the same Il Trionfo (though sound is always less good than radio, hence my request for radio :-) ), in case you also want to tune in to watch :-) (i'll be fumbling around on the ship and miss all this fun, but will have my other fun).

  3. So that's 4pm Wednesday here? should be able to do that if I can get to work absurdly early ;-) Thanks for the links! I will now send myself an email so I remember to leave on time.

    Meantime, fair winds and a following sea :)

  4. We are go if this stream holds.

    1. :-). greetings from Nome! with almost non-existing internet.. boarding ship tomorrow so i'll come back to bug you in 1 week (with some kind of bribes..)

    2. Ok that'll give me time to go over the files and see if anything needs to be done to them.