Saturday, October 29, 2016

adventures in intertextuality, or "Ti guarda dal A. Mitchell Palmer..."

The Story of the Woman's Party proofing vignette, wherein Sara Bard Field goes all Marquis of Posa on Woodrow Wilson:

" we look over the long backward trail through which we have sought our political liberty, we are asking, how long, how long, must this struggle go on?

Mr. President, to the nation more than to women themselves is this waste of maternal force significant. In industry, such a waste of money and strength would not be permitted. The modern trend is all towards efficiency. Why is such waste permitted in the making of a nation?

Sometimes I think it must be very hard to be a President, in respect to his contacts with people, as well as in the grave business he must perform. The exclusiveness necessary to a great dignitary holds him away from the democracy of communion necessary to full understanding of what the people are really thinking and desiring...."

footnote: A. Mitchell Palmer

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