Sunday, October 23, 2016

sundry items

Harriet Walter, who will be Prospering in Brooklyn early in the new year, has a book out next week on a career's worth of Shakespeare, and she's written a short intro for The Arts Desk. Meanwhile, Janet McTeer, currently on Broadway in Josie Rourke's Les Liaisons Dangereuses revival, has a profile in The New Yorker.

Susan Graham's recital for Boston's Celebrity Series earlier this month has been archived on the WCRB site, and last spring's Boston Baroque Magic Flute with Nicholas Phan is also there, plus a bunch of other interesting things are currently inhabiting the WCRB archive if you click around.


  1. Now this is very useful.

    1. Oh good! This is an insanely busy season, and just keeping track of the collateral bits is going to be a fun challenge. Watch this space :)

  2. The Susan Graham interview was much fun :-)