Wednesday, November 23, 2016

We thought we might have an audience still celebrating a victory. We had some vague plan for going up to Lewis after and pouring a libation of decent Scotch on the stone up there -- I imagine this would have been her drink, but that's an only semi-educated guess. Anyway I don't think anybody here got stickers to plaster a headstone with the way they did in Rochester.

Best laid schemes of mice and men gang aft into the deepest of the weeds.

But if there was anything we made sure to put in the narrative, it was the long haul nature of the task. No doubt these women never imagined, in a world claiming to be ruled by reason, that it would take more years than they had to give. No doubt every minor victory seemed like it would put the last hill in sight. But when it turned out otherwise, they went on.

That seems to have been the message of the show, as people came up to us after, not a draining of the cup in victory at the finish, but a little bit to brace us on the road ahead.

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