Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Not to be outdone by last night's Bonfire of the Subtexts festivities -- well, a little to be outdone, but still a matter of extreme interest -- tonight, streaming on SiriusXM only, is Tara Erraught's Met debut as Nicklausse (also Erin Morley as Machine Girl).

Tara Erraught as Nicklausse, photo Marty Sohl/Met Opera

Those of you with SiriusXM know where to go. Those of you without know what to do. (Ditto if you want to hear more Bonfires, because, not surprisingly, they're cueing that up quite a bit.)

Update: Of course they are running the 1995 ASvO Rosenkavalier at midnight. Of course they are.


  1. Erraught has such an odd career! How did she do?


    1. Oh, she sounded fine. Not a fan of Debus for this, though, the whole thing was a bit lacking in Elvis -- which is weird for an early season performance with the Met orchestra, so he must have had to work at it. Restraint doesn't do Offenbach any favors.