Wednesday, September 13, 2017

warming the tubes

It's that time of year again when opera nerds of North America scrape the oxidation off the contacts, burn the dust off the vacuum tubes, and clear their social calendars of, uh, social things. The Met opens with Norma on Monday, September 25. You'll find it live-streamed on the Met website here, where you'll also find the calendar for everything else they're streaming for free on the website this season.

Those of you with SiriusXM access can find the full calendar of live webcasts here, thus enabling you to plan your social event cancellations months in advance, rather than in the ad hoc weekly fashion of seasons past. Note SiriusXM has moved the channel from 74 to 75, so if you turn on the radio and a guy is telling you he woke up this morning with the blues all around his bed, let him tell you all about it for a few minutes and then skip to the next channel.

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