Friday, April 29, 2011

"Have you the wing?"

Yes, we were watching...

Music choices surprisingly conservative. Or at least not at all as camp as the last time. Maybe that's not really a surprise, then. 

Also, not near enough footage on CNN of His Grace's wicked impressive eyebrows.

Also, next time they should have the headgear designed by Santiago Calatrava, Frank Gehry, and Zaha Hadid. 


  1. Did you notice Nick Clegg's Spanish wife? Jeepers, what a stunner. That's the only thing that stayed with me after I waded through all the pictures.

    Really interesting that neither Blair nor Gordon were invited. It's like the Family is giving up on the of above-partisanship idea of royalty. Not wise. Though people say Prince Charles votes Labour.

  2. Ach, missed her. But their arrival must have been somewhere in CNN's continuous live coverage of David Beckham's hair. Probably dozed off.

    Yes, leaving out Labour sent the wrong signal, and the excuse for it (as reported) was surprisingly lame.

  3. i'm proud to say, i did NOT watch one second of it (and that was very hard to accomplish)

  4. You small "r" republican, you!

  5. And I should say, in my defense, that I wasn't watching it at home, but at a party in my role as Cultural Critic with special emphasis on music, drag, and Archbishop of Canterbury-spotting. Also as the only one in the room who could positively ID British heads of state and Queen Sofia of Spain, and knew that all sorts of fascinating things could be learned by googling the words "King Juan Carlos Antichrist". It was a good party.