Tuesday, April 26, 2011

outside the government, beyond the police

Oh, sorry, that's the other guys.  But Tanglewood does fight for the future on behalf of the human race:

Opening Night, 7/8:  Tucker winner Meade, Jepson, Morris; Bellini, Verdi, Respighi, usw.

All Baroque, 7/22:  S. Graham; Gluck, Handel, Bach, Rameau

Stephanie Blythe, 8/10: works by Smith and other American-type things

The Leonard Bernstein Memorial Concert, 8/14:  If Stephanie Blythe can't make two hours of Brahms worthwhile, no one can.

Handel's Orlando, 8/16:  McGegan, Labelle, Rydén, D. Moore, van der Linde, Friedrich, Ozawa Hall

Porgy & Bess, 8/26:  A. Walker, L. Mitchell, Cabell

Beethoven 9, 8/28: Maazel, El-Khoury, Gawrysiak, Sorenson, E. Owens

Those are the vocal highlights. They do other stuff as well, you know.


  1. just noticed (sorry, i'm slow) you FINALLY have a blog. congratulations! (after all it is rather like having a baby)

  2. You mean it keeps you up all night wanting to be fed? lol Thanks!