Friday, October 21, 2011

and speaking of punitive: a rhetorical question

So NPR decides to use freelancer host Lisa Simeone's participation as a private citizen in the Occupy movement as an excuse to quit distributing NPR World of Opera?  'Scuse me? Oh but wait, it isn't even called NPR World of Opera anymore, because NPR bailed out on producing it last year, whereupon WDAV took up the slack.  So if Lisa Simeone isn't actually employed by NPR, how is it necessary for her to be bound by NPR's quote unquote journalistic ethics policy?  And if NPR is now willing neither to produce nor distribute the last year-round syndicated opera program on the Americanistanian airwaves, then what is the reason that I as a contributor should not send my public radio contribution to WDAV while inviting NPR to suck this enormous plastic implement?

Okay, maybe the question isn't all that rhetorical.

Update: James Fallows comments in The Atlantic.  Here are Simeone's comments in an article from mid-week in The Baltimore Sun, before WDAV stepped up to the plate. James Poniewozik over @ Time points to subversive anti-capitalism in the Ring and La Bohème, and Erik Wemple warns of dystopian nightmare in The Washington Post.

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