Saturday, October 22, 2011

give the people what they want

BBC World Service interviews tenor Joseph Calleja -- whose former repertoire, it turns out, once included Iron Maiden and Metallica -- about opera and elitism, and that there is no difference between Thailand and Krumville unless you're talking about everything written in the last ten years. Interviewer Tom Service mentions Michael Bolton (whose opera album, let us remember, emerged from the nether regions of Sony Classical during the reign of Peter Gelb), Hayley Westenra and Bruce Dickinson in the same breath.  To the best of my knowledge, Bruce Dickinson never made a crossover opera album, but if he had... 

On the other hand, as Superconductor has already reported, Metallica is getting into Wedekind, so can the 2nd Vienna Skool be far behind, cuz, y'know, Berg, he shreds \m/

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