Monday, November 14, 2011


In light of recent blogospheric phenomena, the money quote from the FT's interview with Deborah Warner, whose production of Eugene Onegin is up at ENO and will be replacing Robert Carsen's at the Met:

“It is dismaying when you come to opera from the theatre for the first time, this terror of offering something which is already perfect. How do you improve Elvira’s aria [from Don Giovanni]? I didn’t know then how to take this thing, which was like a Fabergé egg, and then smash it. I do now.”


  1. I had no idea she worked closely with Fiona Shaw.

  2. Oh, Medea. That was freaky. And Happy Days. Yah, that was freaky too, in a different way.

    Sorry I missed this though.

  3. Ooohhh! If it was on NTLive, and I missed it, I'll never forget meself.

  4. Yeah, I'd have gotten on a plane for that one, had I been paying attention. I think it missed the advent of NTLive by a hair.