Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rodelinda re-ups

The next free Met webstream is Rodelinda, tomorrow (11/14) at 7:30, at the usual place. Renee Fleming, Stephanie Blythe, Andreas Scholl, Joseph Kaiser, Iestyn Davies, Shenyang and Harry Bicket, the man with the most perfect Baroque/Early Music conductor name in show business.  (And most of you reading this will already know that he's got his Handelian mojo workin'.)

Incidentally, this belt-driven production could give The Machine a run for its money in the industrial noise department. On the other hand, Stephen Wadsworth has no doubt saved the Met Marketing people a lot of brass and shoe leather in demographic research via his set design for the Library scene. Previous audience response data seems to indicate that this opera is popular with hopelessly over-educated bibliogeeks who have all read Alberto Manguel.

Update Monday, 9:13pm: Ha! See? Bibliogeeks.

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