Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dog Days in Annandale

Bard Music Festival is scoping Saint-Saëns this year, but since this festival is always "Composer Y and His World" (I think they have yet to do a "Composer X and Her World", not surprisingly), there's a lot of other stuff going on for the "World" part. So it's worth it to click on the little Browse the Brochure doodad in the left hand column to get the opera (Chabrier), the play (Molière), the film festival (France & the Colonial Imagination), and the Spiegeltent dope as well as the concerts, lectures and panel discussions. Or you can start from here if you don't mind some cumbersome web navigation.

On a totally unrelated note, the Met will be streaming the Makropulos Case prima here on Friday at 8:30 ET.


  1. Look at the new digs! Great interior decorator you've got.

  2. Ha, thanks! Boredom is a powerful motivator, eventually. But I think we're as yet in mid-mutation.