Tuesday, December 12, 2017


  1. yay. i saw in the news.

    also, i tried 25x to post a comment on the other post and it's not working.. so me try here...

    jeah, start here. it's not on their player though, argh. so that's why am not sure if we can see. but the Swedish, they do it right, broadcast national-wide!! her Messiah is really something i tell you.

    1. I totally believe you :)

      Hopefully they'll post it on their video page for a while. I was scrolling through what's up there, and looks like they only have snippets of Dudamel's Mahler 2 but the guys with the nyckelharpa and bouzouki get their whole concert up there. Will have to come back for that one. :) Thanks for the link!

  2. Listening to H&HS right now. Assuming the announcer's repeated reference to Charles Jensen is just dyslexia on her part and not sloppy use of Wikipedia by some hack at WCRB :-P