Saturday, December 16, 2017

Yuletide rhizomes

The Met celebrates the solstice early with this season's Norma 2.0, aka Angela Meade and Jamie Barton. Check it out pretty much anywhere at 1pm ET today, but you can find it at WQXR, OE1, and BBC 3 if you're short of local options.

Update: archived here for the next couple of weeks.


  1. not from Sweden stray, but from Oslo! they taped it and will broadcast it: 23/dec/2017, 1700GMT time. yay!

    (i tried commenting at the other post, but not working, so back here, let's try :-)
    sorry Stray, i tried at another post, also not working, here's my last try..)

    1. Yeah, at this point I'd say don't waste your time wrestling with commenting here, just email or im me. If I found wp less annoying I would drink the koolaid, but they suck too in their own unique way. And I ran an experiment with squarespace, they suck worse than both. we are until something better comes along.

    2. ...or until the FCC Net Neutrality ruthless power grab prices me off the internet entirely, in which case problem solved.